Geo News Sana Bucha Getting Nervous In English Bulletin

Sana Bucha also worked in geo English as news anchor. His wedding was also take place few months ago. She is one of leading host in geo news programs. Many main hosts & anchors are leaving geo news. In last 2 months Aamir Liaquat, Shahid Masood, Salman Hassan, Kiran Aftab & many more left geo news. Majority of them joined either Samaa TV or ARY digital & now Sana Bucha also joins Samaa News Network. She will host show on political & general public issues.

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  1. moodar said:

    abhai bagairaat lorgue tinnu koi shaarm neogh arndeiy?? Marsoom buchei sana bucha ki saart muzaark oraaarh rehai hai?

  2. she is so overconfident women or old lady she does not deserves to be a part of Geo news they r just coming for the money that which channel is giving high money and they transfer on that channel.

  3. fahim khan said:

    I think she was nurvese

  4. Syed shah said:

    I like sana bucha .she is the most straight forward lady .i like her program lekin .she has a lot of beauty along with her talent . May God bless u .wish u all the best

  5. myra said:

    nothing special in it… its just simply nurvesness nothing else she is confident.. no doubt k.. 🙂

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