Pakistani Journalist Mehar Bukhari And Asma Sherazi Having Fun Photos With The Us Ambassador

Shaukat Paracha, Asma Shirazi, Meher Bukhari, Saima Mohsin are some of the names that were in attendance, in a Drink & Dance party hosted by the US Ambassador to Pakistan, Anne W Patterson.

  1. A PAKISTANI said:


  2. sham on you meher bukhari. gandi larki ho main tumhen pasand karta tha magar khud apne aap pay sharam a rahi hai k main ne tum jesi larki ko pasand kia. I hate you.

  3. pesa pesa karti hai
    too pesy pay q marti hai
    ik baat kahoon ao yara
    too us rab say q nahi darti hai.

  4. imran29 said:

    That is true identy of pakistan’s punjabi ideology,
    when pakistani army sleep for money againist us charity, why do not feel shame over there.
    pakistan army produced thousand of terrorist jehadi why you do not feel shame over there.
    if USA open door to come to usa how many punjabi will stay in pakistan.none of them all will go and lick the feet of american.
    what meher bukhari or other doing they is true identy of punjabi to get interest go and get sleep with them.
    shame on you punjabis.

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