Top 5 Pakistani Female Vj’s In 2011

1- Naveen Waqar


Naveen Waqar Fuse

Spunky is the word to define Naveen Waqar aka Fuse. She is lively, energetic, pretty and petite, Laced with all the word tools, armed to teeth with an unparalleled gift of the gab and a lexicon ready to sprawl from the tip of her tongue , Naveen is an enterprising VJ and a budding voice over artist.She has what it takes to be a dynamic youth leader as she has made it big in a very short span of time.

2 – Mahira
VJ Mahira
VJ Mahira

VJ Mahira has her own unique style .She is fresh, exciting, affable, witty and really friendly.On Weekends With Mahira, televised Saturday and Sunday ,every week Mahira not only plays steaming,red hot music videos but also brings on cream de le cream of the show business on the show for an informal and impromptu conversation.She has got the looks and a charismatic personality Mahira is arguably the numero uno vj this side of the planet.

3- Anoushey
VJ Anoushey
VJ Anoushey

Anoushey Ashraf was born in Karachi, Pakistan to Pakistani parents. After completing her A Levels privately, she did her B.A., majoring in English Literature. She is Pakistan’s first female Video Jockey and started her career in early 2002. She quickly climbed the ladder of success and is one of the most sought after faces for the younger generation of Pakistan today.

4- Anisa
VJ Anisa
VJ Anisa

Anisa is without a doubt an institution in herself! This petite girl is a model, actress and most of all a master in Vj-ing. Anisa is far more experienced than many in this business! Being an integral part of fashion industry this girl has kept her fans on their toes! With her ever changing styles be it cutting edge haircuts or dramatic make up, she’s always come up with something new to add twist!

5- Natasha
VJ Natasha

With her fun loving nature and adorable looks, she has captured the hearts of thousands of fans. She started off as a VJ in The Musik and since then, there is no looking back. She is charming, she is cute, she is Natasha !

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