Telenor Djuice Launched Khamoshi Ka Boycott

Telenor Pakistan has revamped its youth package djuice, with an approach of involving youth to speak up against bad things in our society.

Djuice is going to change the look and feel of the brand, for this purpose they have signed on the Pakistani Pop singerShehzad Roy to bring in fun to the lives with a meaning, with a purpose to change those little things around us which ultimately turn heavy for the society.

Their new philosphy is about doing away with silence on things that matter to you the most – those little to big things that can make or break your future. It’s about coming together to make things happen for the positive, for you, for the youth. And having absolute fun, masti, maza’a, pleasure, thrill, excitement (whatever you wanna call it) – while doing all the right things!

Cheating in any form is bad for the system. Our youth faces it everyday when cheaters excel. Lets boycott this culture in Pakistan and standup against it and make Pakistan a just place.

Their new tagline is “Khamoshi ka Boycott” – Akhir Yeh Booti Culture Kab Khatam Hoga-

1 comment
  1. larab said:

    plz plz women ka rights ka liye kuch karo khas kar ka sanda karshen nagar main

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