Ary Digital Drama Badtameez Photos

Tania is about to get married and have the perfect wedding. amidst the celebrations, this illusion is shattered! tania finds out that, in reality, she’s an adopted child. the magnitude of this information destroys any faith she has in her family and herself. in revolt, she persuades her cousin to get married to her and runs away to america. her parents, devastated by the steps she’s taken, are grasping at straws. mariam, the younger sister, tries to compensate and fill tania’s void, only to be pushed away by her father. as the family is trying to deal with the situation, so is tania, alone in america. with one failed marriage after another, her faith in the world and men is non-existent. america-returned tania, stumbles upon javed hayat… the only man who can tame this shrew. mariam, in the meantime, her affections to her parents being rejected, ends up finding love through her dog and some strange circumstances. she meets rameez and his eccentric father, asif, whose aversion to women gives their love affair a hard time. the good news is that asif finds love at his next door neighbor’s, turning the tables quite a bit… from interesting circumstances to misunderstandings to love…this love story will have you enthralled!

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