Lamha Lamha Zindagi Drama Photos

It’s a story about two sisters, Tazeen and Sabeen, who have been adopted by their uncle, Murtaza Ahmed after the demise of their parents, whereas, Murtaza himself is a father of three children (Aashi, Shafaq & Shahmir), who become insecure on the arrival of their cousins at their place.
Drama starts with the engagement of Saad and Tazeen and soon after the engagement Saad departs aboard for higher studies. On the other hand, during the same era Aashi has an accident and that proves lethal for the mother of Sarmad and for the same reason Tazeen and Saad provide her the best moral support to draw her out of depression, but ultimately Aashi falls in love with Saad. Whereas, on the other hand, Murtaza performs the Nikkah of Shahmir and Sabeen, but being a flirt he ditches her.
By the climax of the story, both the sisters have been the victim of hardships, for which they can only blame their fate and the relatives who were once the closest ones.

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  1. Hassan said:

    i think aashi is very sexy and got very sexy and big boobs!!!!!!!!!

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