Ary Digital Drama Saans Photos

It’s a story of revenge for the ruined life of Liza and marks the devastation of all those who ruin her life.

Behzad Ahmed being the pivotal character of the saga, once remained committed to Liza’s Mother, Sidra as both of them were on a financial similarity to each other. But later, for the betterment of future Behzad becomes the life partner of a highly rich and socially reputed woman, Sahira Shehnaz Ali Khan.

Afterwards, Behzad turn out to be a successful business person and Sahira remain indulged in her social activities leaving no time for their child, Sharim. Hence Sahira decides to hire a governess for the take care of Sharim, which unfortunately turns to be Sidra and once again fate has made Behzad encounter Sidra. But by now, she is a widow and facing the hardships along with her only daughter Liza. Accepting the facts of life, both Sidra and Behzad plan to conceal the reality, but one day a mere misunderstanding reveals all in front of Sahira, of which she was unaware till now.

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