Preesa Lawn Collection 2011 By ChenOne

Ecstatic than the life itself, exuberant Collection of Pareesa Lawn is frilling around the oomph for the Fashionista. Pareesa Lawn is made from Supima, the world’s finest cotton. Supima is the latest and most luxurious high-grade cotton grown only in the USA.

Supremely soft and low wrinkle, Supima fabrics are woven from extra long and strong cotton fibers.

 In Chen One Pareesa Lawn some Things are common that Chen one Focus on Innovating some thing new like Focus on Neck Design ( Galah Design) of Kameez, Short Body Fitted, Full Slave Kameez, Gown Style Kameez, Color Combinations and Newest Designs of Shalwar.

Chen One is phenomenally a Lifestyle Fashion Store. This Ground breeching fashion retail chain has been noshing upon its originality of “Changing Lifestyles” since last many years with its national as well as international eminence. Chen One does not merely sell, but the brand believes in offering an enticed experience of preeminence and luxury. Chen One indubitably verifies itself as an iconize fashion indulgence for its prestigious customers; with all its repose, feeding to the cultism of Lifestyle Fashion inspirations.

  1. kiran khan said:

    hi,how can we buy these dresses,bcoz,we live in uk.if any online shopping website so, plz tell us. thanx

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