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Shaista Wahidi fell badly on the ground during her morning show at Geo TV Utho Jago Pakistan, replacing Nadia Khan Show after the ban of Nadia Khan. Meera was a guest at the show with bunch of boys.They were throwing cake on each other like 10 years old kid and poor Shaista fell down badly. Have a look at this Video !! Read More

Akbari Asghari is a story of two brothers, Hatim and Luqman, and their families.  Both brothers live along with their families in two distant corners of the world. Hatim lives in the US with his daughters, whereas Luqman lives with his sons in a village of the Punjab. The brothers decide to marry their children to one another. The result is four different personalities, with opposing habits and natures – Akbari and Asgari, Akbar and Asgar – being bound in a nuptial knot; their differences in characteristics make for interesting drama. Read More

A story of transition of a lower middle class girl, “umm-e-kulsoom” from being virtuous and austere to become glamorous and flamboyant. when the only constant in life is her bad fate and everything else is changing. initially umm-e-kulsoom was in love with her cousin moosa, who become crippled for life by the virtue of an accident and since then misunderstandings arrive amongst the two. capitalizing the scenario, her brother’s wife, force her to marry arham, who proves out to be a psycho just after marriage and then comes nihal in the life of umm-e-kulsoom; a filthy rich lad with deceptive appearance. soon after the marriage of nihal and umm-e-kulsoom, nihal reveals his real self and force umm-e-kulsoom to forgo her religious beliefs and rituals. and ultimately umm-e-kulsoom, who was known for her mesmerizing quranic recitation, turns out to be a singer of national repute. Read More

Hajra Hayat’s 60s inspired bridal creations were showcased by heart-throbbing beauties includingMahreen Syed, Nadia Hussain, Tooba Saddique, Rabia Butt, Ayyan and actress Noor.Hajra Hayat presented her beautiful blend of modernity and tradition entitled ROYAL’E at the Bridal Couture Week, Day 2.For her latest bridal collectionHajra Hayat brings back the shades of plum and violets with bursts of coral pinks incorporated with designs that breathes elegance and class and cuts to enthrall women of today. Read More

Its going to be the third marriage of actress after two unsuccessful experiences, the first one with Dubai based Indian businessman Vikram Bandani and second one with Pakistani drama director Farooq Mengal.

Though Noor hasn’t yet disclosed the name of her future hubby but confirmed the news officially to Galaxy Lollywood when contacted, she also told us that she is going to end the hosting of her morning show on Hum TV as well.

When asked about further details, she said, “Yes I am getting married in July and thats why I have given my resignation to Hum television network. We had a contract of three years but as I will get settled in Lahore and show is from Karachi so it will be difficult to manage and that’s why I decided to end it.”

Not disclosing much about her future life partner, she said, “People will get to know all about him in July,”  we also asked her whether she is going to end her showbiz career with this marriage or will continue working here in the industry, she in reply said, “I am just getting married not dying, will surely continue my career after that.”

Apart from Noor’s marriage, few-days back a news related to the marriage of Reema was also in the air, according to which Reema is getting married most probably in the second week of May with an American based Pakistani doctor named Shahab. The marriage as we said earlier is rumoured to take place in the month of May in Lahore while reception is said to be scheduled in July this year in America, but as the news has no official confirmation, we would prefer not to discuss it furthermore.