Pakistani Singer Annie Khalid Photo Shoot 2011

Our fashionista, Annie Khalid, the pop princess of Pakistan, who established her mark in the competitive industry with her songs, charity work and various modelling assignments, walked the runway again last week.

 This time the honours were done for Ammar Belal, who is known for his Lasso skills of getting celebrities of the entertainment industry to tread the runway for his designer jeans wear brand “AS Jeans“. Ammar sure knows how to make a mark in the fashion industry when it comes to walking the walk and talking the talk.

AS Jeans was launched in 2003 by Ammar Belal. The company focused on being a true couture denim brand offering made to order jeans to its clients. Initially the customization was focused towards the fit of the jeans. The brand quickly developed a loyal following of premium denim lovers who craved that “perfect fit” in their jeans.

AS Jeans aims to excel in the premium denim market through its niche in customizing jeans and unique approcah to denim tailoring. Currently the brand is expanding its couture services to different cities in USA.

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  1. she is looking beautiful, and also she is very stylish, thanks for sharing information

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