Ary Digital Drama Umm-E-Kulsoom Wallpapers

A story of transition of a lower middle class girl, “umm-e-kulsoom” from being virtuous and austere to become glamorous and flamboyant. when the only constant in life is her bad fate and everything else is changing. initially umm-e-kulsoom was in love with her cousin moosa, who become crippled for life by the virtue of an accident and since then misunderstandings arrive amongst the two. capitalizing the scenario, her brother’s wife, force her to marry arham, who proves out to be a psycho just after marriage and then comes nihal in the life of umm-e-kulsoom; a filthy rich lad with deceptive appearance. soon after the marriage of nihal and umm-e-kulsoom, nihal reveals his real self and force umm-e-kulsoom to forgo her religious beliefs and rituals. and ultimately umm-e-kulsoom, who was known for her mesmerizing quranic recitation, turns out to be a singer of national repute.

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