Making Of Pakistani Movie “Bol” Photos And Videos

Movie is no doubt one of the most hyped and talked about Pakistani movies we have witnessed in recent few years. As per reviews, we have been hearing that BOL is really BOLD. It contains topics which are not touched in our films ever before. Some people even commented that the movie is n0t something you can watch with your family, as it contains very indecent language and scenes. Other said, it highlights the taboo of our society and addresses so many serious issues which must be discussed and resolved carefully.

Apart from what the movie is, and how the mixed response it received,  it is something which is definitely made with huge efforts. The below embedded videos will take you beside the director’s camera and will show you behind the scenes and making of this movie.

It is also worth mentioning that its not only Shoaib Mansoor’s work completely. Though, its released under his name and he led the team but the film is shot and directed with the help of young students of National College of Arts (NCA) Lahore. Who gave the movie a complete fresh new perspective with screenplay and photography.So let’s enjoy the making of BOL

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