Jago Pakistan Jago By Hum Tv

Morning shows in Pakistan typically target the combined demographic of people getting ready for work and school, and stay-at-home adults (mostly women) and parents.

JAGO PAKISTAN JAGO” promises a start of the new day with a warm chemistry and addictive energy.
A show , that will meld entertainment & information in a way that is aimed at making the viewers entertained, informed, hopeful, and empowered.

JAGO PAKISTAN JAGO ” will focus on ideas that will enhance the lives of its viewers.
In the ‘early part’… It will feature motivational messages, self-help tips for women, interesting news briefs and out of the ordinary national & international information wrapped in pure entertainment style.
Later in the program, programming will shift to a discussion oriented format… with celebrity interviews, celebrity gossip, new reality based ideas, debatable hot issues and lots of entertainment along with audience interaction through interactive games/quizzes, emails, live calls and SMS
The topics and guests will be from across all our ranges to ensure there is something for everyone to enjoy… from beauty & lifestyle, to education and learning, to celebrity interviews and gossips like never before
To reflect on the dominantly female demographic our show will also feature women specific segments to ensure homemaker oriented entertainment
The program highlights will be such that will engage and grip the target audiences immediately…

FAHAD MUSTAFA… is undoubtedly the biggest heart throb of millions of fans (specially females)… the superstar of Pakistan… who has acted in a number of drama serials, single plays, tele-films, soaps etc and has also played host in many genres … and now for the first time ever he will host a Live Morning Show on HUM TV with his co-host KIRAN KHAN.
Fahad is friendly, young, handsome, energetic, upbeat, fun, well spoken and real.
Since our morning show typically targets the female demographic of Pakistan, Fahad with his passion, his honesty, friendliness and understanding of every woman out there is bound to become the most favorite among all existing morning show hosts
FAHAD THE FRIENDLY HOST will be such that every woman will relate to… he will be a son, a brother, a friend, a confidant, a counselor for all those who watch him.

KIRAN KHAN… is one of the finest and renowned faces of Pakistan. She started her career as a model, after winning the face of the year competition and has done over 50 commercials for almost every big brand of Pakistan. She has been in the media industry as a model, a host and an actress from the last 10 years, but people recognize her more as a host.

Kiran Khan doesn’t believe in planning, as per her words ‘life is a story of few days, rather then planning for future; one should stay clean from her inner soul and enjoy every moment of life’.

She is lively, alert, spontaneous, pleasant-looking, intelligent, educated, well dressed, well spoken… can face almost about any type of personality from a street child to a politician to an actress comfortably and confidently and can make sensible and in-depth conversations taking any subject head on.

A sweet heart by nature; and a pleasant persona she can definately motivate, help and understand all those women out there and can talk about stuff women would be interested in, like relationships, motherhood, weight issues etc engaging the target audiences on their level
With all the ingredients of being a good morning show host she will definitely catch attention of the target audiences right away…

  1. Syed Imran Ali said:

    Hi, Fahad N Kiran,

    I have a wonderful idea for your Morning show with different theme in deed but it will be provided to concerned department or person so how i contact to him.


    Syed Imran Ali

  2. obaid said:

    aoa your program is good

  3. salar said:

    whats fawads cell number

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