Download The Full Audio Song Of Ary Digital Drama Diya Jaley

Saga of today’s woman who is confident, compassionate and visionary and on the same end she now refuses to be ignored. nadiya is an emblem of such creed. a well educated, middle class girl who remain engaged to her cousin sameer since her childhood, but suddenly something happens that declares sameer not compatible to her and hence she disowns this engagement, that leads to her insult in the so-called decent society. since then she could not find any acceptable proposal for marriage and mean while a well-aged tycoon, faizan shah offers her the opportunity to get married. she has to accept that proposal by coercion, despite of knowing that he has two grown-up children hamza and haniya. but nadiya proves herself to be an affectionate mother; on the contrary faizan does not want this relation to get developed and want to treat her just as a maid of his children.

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