Ary Digital Drama Kuch Khuwab They Meray Star Cast Photo Shoot

A story of three different families, all living in the hope of few dreams to come true. amongst them is the family of zubaida begum, her son talha and daughter lizaray. mr. bajwa is a silent lover, but an ultimate support to zubaida begum. talha falls in love with rabab, who has always been dreaming of a prince charming to come in her life. taking advantage of a confusion they get entangled into a relationship, but as soon as talha’s original self reveals on rabab, she demands for divorce as he is not a perfect partner of rabab.

on the other hand, lizaray is trapped by the fascination of ayaan, who is a flirt of all time and for whom she is willing to accept the discontent of her mother. whereas, ayaan is flattered by the beauty of rabab and eventually both lizaray and rabab have to pay the price for trusting such a nefarious person.


noman masood, noman ejaz, saadia imam, samina peerzada, waseem abbas, mehmood aslam, khalid anum, eshita, neelum, saba faisal, saqib sheikh & ayesha khan directed by misbah khalid written by seema ghazal.

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