Download Complete Audio Song Of Aman Ki Asha

Aman ki Asha  is a campaign jointly started by the two leading media houses The Jang Group inPakistan and The Times of India in India. The campaign aims for mutual peace and development of the diplomatic and cultural relations between the two nations in South Asia.  The campaign has received warm response from India and Pakistan. Despite this, Bennet & Coleman, the holding company of Times Group has been trying valiantly to keep the campaign afloat through a high decibel media campaign.

Download Audio

  1. gaurav said:

    Fuck you.. Terrorist Country . you think we will ofrget 26/11.. assholes.. stop this drama Bitches…

  2. Peace.every.where said:

    Then why shankar sang this song with Rahat??… so you don’t want peace?. we don’t abuse

  3. admin said:

    you are wrong gaurav..Iam also an indian….as an indian i opologize for my brother he don’t know meaning of words like courtesy

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