Formal Collection Of Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza 2011 By Asifa & Nabeel

Asifa and Nabeel showcased their formal collection at Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza, which was brimming with iridescent palette of colors blended with perfect feminine cuts and styles.

The dazzling color contrasts made the outfits ever perkier to watch. Carefully contrasted soft tones of brown, beige, midnight blue, pistachio with vibrant zesty shades of passion red, turquoise, orange and red brought a breath of life to outfits.

Fashion models dazzlingly styled by photographer Shahid Malik flaunted carefully selected silks, chiffons and jamawars seemed weaved with ultimate artistry into feminine designs like long frilly frocks, choridaars and kurtas embellished with detailed embroidery reflected traditional royalty and elegance.

In addition to that, Asifa and Nabeel also brought forward some male kurtas, with a hint of color and embellishment. However, feminine collection proved to be a bigger hit then masculine one.
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