Download Audio Song OF Meray Charagar By Geo Tv

Meray Charagar is a story of Abeeha Ansari, who unfortunately trapped by a stormy night which changes her whole life in the most shocking way.Abeeha was happily engaged to her cousin Zaryaab, but later she gets blamed on for what she had never done.In a desperate bid to save face, her mother made her married to Rafay, who was her Phupoo’s son. At the beginning, Rafay finds it difficult to accept Abeeha as his wife.

However, just as their relation was beginning to grow with the time, her old fiancé Zaryaab discovers Abeeha was innocent all along and tries to bring her back into his life. Will Abeeha’s growing bond with Rafay stand the test of time, or will her love for Zarraib pushes her in his direction?

A serial with a storyline that’ll leave you enthralled on every turn!

Cast: Aisha Khan, Javed sheikh, Rubina Ashraf, Ahson Khan, Shagufta Ejaz, Jia Ali, Syed Jibran, Tipu Yurguc Sharif and Azfar Rehman
Written By: Rukhsana Nigar
Directed By: Siraj ul Haq
Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani & Humayun saeed

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