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The story highlights the concept of living conditions of a very poor family in Pakistan and the hardships and difficulties they have to face daily to earn their living. Things are never easy for Khushi commonly known as Pagli and her entire family with their Akbar Ali (Father) selling newspapers but hardly earning anything, Zuleikha (her mother) working as a maid in a rich house but always getting insulted by the owner, while she and Bano (her sister) wash car mirrors on the roads. Ummo (her brother) works in a workshop. Read More

Main chand si’ is a moving story highlighting the consequences of self-obsession. as story revolves around a pivotal character of irsah, belonging to a modern but middle class family. she always have a dream to get married to a filthy rich guy, of which she is confident, as she assume herself to be the most beautiful creature on this earth. her dream comes true when she gets married to salaar, belonging to a high class family. but differences start to prosper, when irsah couldn’t adopt the culture and strict social values of his family. Read More