Ary Digital Drama Qissa Char Darwesh Star Cast Photo Shoot

It is a story of aaliyan living with two wives in a house, namely arifa and sarah. arifa being his cousin got married to him in his teenage; whereas sarah met him abroad while completing the education. story marks a new turn when his third marriage reveals in his house. the revelation announces an advent of destruction and turmoil in the life of aaliyan. initially maira, third wife of aaliyan was living in lahore; whereas the other two were in karachi, but soon after his third marriage aaliyan faces a great loss and couldn’t afford two separate houses. therefore all three shift in a single house, making his life much more miserable. depressed by the family matters and the internal environment of the house, aaliyan use to spend most of his time in office and eventually he gets involve in an affair with her personal secretary, rafiya. and soon she gets the title of his fourth wife. now amongst these four, who will govern the house and will remain much more closer to the heart of aaliyan; is hidden in the crux of the story.

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