ARY Digital Drama Main Chand Si Star Cast Photo Shoot

Main chand si’ is a moving story highlighting the consequences of self-obsession. as story revolves around a pivotal character of irsah, belonging to a modern but middle class family. she always have a dream to get married to a filthy rich guy, of which she is confident, as she assume herself to be the most beautiful creature on this earth. her dream comes true when she gets married to salaar, belonging to a high class family. but differences start to prosper, when irsah couldn’t adopt the culture and strict social values of his family. basit, the brother-in-law of irsah plays a negative role and creates a fuss between irsah and salaar, that ultimately leads to their divorce. for irsah, divorce proves out to be a long awaited news; as she was also fed up of the conservative approach of salaar’s family. after this divorce, irsah gets married to farhan towards whom she remained inclined since long. but the decision turns into the biggest blunder of her life as she remained unaware of the fact that farhan is hiv+ and ultimately the same transmits into her. on the contrary, salaar stars off a new and pious life with fatima.

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