Arfa Karim

The natural tendency when someone dies too young is to mourn the potential of a life that was cruelly ended before a person could achieve anything. In the case of the 16-year-old Arfa Karim Randhawa, who died on January 14 after complications resulting from an epileptic stroke, that natural desire to mourn should also be accompanied by celebration of a person who in her short life, did manage to achieve more than what most of us could hope for in their lifetimes.

At the age of nine, she became the youngest-ever Microsoft Certified Professional, earning kudos from Bill Gates himself and an invitation to visit his company’s headquarters in America. A year later, she was certified as a pilot by a flying club in Dubai. Not only is Arfa the youngest ever recipient of the Presidential Award for Pride of Performance, she was also awarded the Fatima Jinnah Gold Medal in Science and Technology and the Salaam Pakistan Youth Award. The word genius may be bandied about too freely, but in Arfa’s case it was a moniker well-earned.

Various government figures are busy renaming buildings and technology programmes after Arfa as a tribute to her achievements and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. But there is more that can be done to honour her memory. Unlike Arfa, whose parents provided the full support necessary to ensure that her talent could blossom, there are other potential geniuses who do not have that kind of emotional and financial backing. It would be far better to establish a trust in her name and this could financially assist those, like Arfa, who show precocious talent and intellectual promise.

Even though we do not know where Arfa’s limitless skills would have led her, we should ensure that future Arfas are not lost simply for lack of resources. It is also important to ensure that her memory lives on and she is not forgotten like so many heroes in this country. Arfa Karim was an inspiration in her lifetime; in death she can continue to be a guiding light for millions of ambitious children.

  1. TQ said:

    Love the image of the angel! beautiful tribute

  2. mick said:

    we are very upset without you

  3. abdul muqeet said:

    We will miss you.

  4. An Indian friend said:

    You were 16 when you passed away but in such a short time on earth you made a name for yourself.
    Allah Giveth and Allah Taketh away. I am happy that I came to know of you because

    A lily of a day,
    is fairer far in May,
    Although it droop
    and die that night,
    It was the plant
    and flower of light.
    In small proportions we just beauties see;
    And in short measures, life may perfect be.

    Ben Jonson’s words are here.

    Rest in peace and may God grant your loved ones the strength to bear your passing away to a better world. Love……

  5. aiesha said:

    miss u alot

    • we will miss u and we all pakistanis feel a proud of u may u soul rest in a peace (ameen)

    • kami said:

      arfa u will b remain in heart always

  6. imran shakil multan said:

    arfa beti i miss u. You were of proud of pakistan. You want to do something more for pakistan and world but your life was very short. I am very sady due to your’s death. I often miss u. I often weep for you. But even that my tears were not stopped. Please request to all pakistanies to pray for arfa kareem beti and her family. May Allah blessed her with paradise. Ameen.

  7. imran shakil said:

    i miss u arfa bet

  8. imran shakil said:

    i miss u arfa beti. i am very sady without u beta. i miss u beta i miss u. i am very very sady due to your death beta. May Allah blessed u with Paradise. Ameen.

  9. imran shakil said:

    Another day is going to finish without Arfa beti. I never ever forget this guira. I miss her on daily basis. I often weep for her. May Allah soul her rest in peace. Ameen.

  10. imran shakil said:

    Beta arfa i miss u beta. Aaaj bhe bari mushkil say apny ansu zabt kiay hain because i am in office aur kisi kay samnay ro nahi sakta. Beta tmharay janay ka bohat dukh hay mughay. Tmhari yad dil say nahi nikalti beta. Because of u beta dil bohat udas rehta hay. i am very very sady arfa beta. i am very sady without u beta. Allah Talah ki kerore ha kerore rehmatian tm par nazil hon meri guria. Ameen.

  11. imran shakil said:

    another has started without arfa kareem beti. i request to all brothers and sisters to pray for arfa kareem beti and her family and pay sawab to her on daily basis. Please fwd this msg. May Allah blessed arfa with Paradise.

  12. imran shakil multan said:

    i miss arfa beti

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