Download Audio Song OF Drama Kuch Pyar Ka Pagalpan Bhi Tha By ARY Digital


A moving story for those, who believe that all is well abroad. As Mujtaba, a local guy from Nazimabad (Khi) has moved to USA at his uncle’s place with a perception of better quality of life and fulfillment of his dreams. But the reality proves out to be bitter. 

Since childhood Mujtaba seems inclined to her uncle’s daughter Daniez, who reveals out to be an arrogant snob on arrival. Daniez has an excellent understanding with Shamreez since childhood, and both of them treat Mujtaba as a stupid churl.

They plan a conspiracy against Mujtaba, as a result of which his unlce threw him out of his house. And then arrives in his life a girl named Kiran, who has almost no understanding with any one within her family.

Turns and twists, happiness and sorrow, all that arrives in the life of these four pivotal characters, is a part of the story.

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  1. abdullah khan said:

    yaar ……mujtaba ko ladki to mil gaye barey ghar ki phir ameer bhi ho jaye ga

  2. Thanks for sharing this link love this Drama.

  3. shani 03134012210 said:

    nice and my favorate lovely daram..good acting mujtaba..

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