Pakistani Next Drama Queen Maya Khan

Morning talk show host Maya Khan and her team behind ‘Subah Saweray Maya Kay Sath’ on SAMAA TV, stand for all that is bizarre, absurd and beyond mediocre regarding local, Pakistani morning shows.

Recently, this week, a Youtube video of one of the show’s episodes went viral.

Live, the show featured Khan huffing and puffing through Bin Qasim Park – a public park – in Karachi, with her team; which comprised of a sizable number of women and men.

Racing through the park, out of breath and eager, the holier-than-thou host was out to catch unsuspecting victims – young couples – sitting on park benches to interrogate whether or not the couple were married, or, were dating.

Like frenzied, trigger-happy hunters, these idiotic women amidst throaty cackles began chasing (literally) frightened couples, some of whom began running towards the park’s exit. The host’s self-righteous comments, along with those of her minions were cringe-worthy and cruel.nts!”)

With jerky camera movements (given that the poor sod of a cameraman was trying his best to keep up with the mad women), at one point, after chasing off a young couple, one of the women from the team yelled out: “We found a SHOEEEE!”

The absurdity of it all. If I were there, I would’ve picked up the darned shoe and whacked the dumb bird across her face silly.

“Young people fall in love all the time. Sometimes they don’t – it’s just infatuation. Sometimes they do and they’re confused as hell and they still go out to understand the significance of the other. In the process, they pick a location like normal people do where they can sit down and spend time together. I’m sure you liked someone when you were in college. No big deal. See, girls fall in love pretty much every single day of the week and so do boys. Sometimes they make the right decision, sometimes they make mistakes. It’s called being human. But trust me, they don’t need a team of middle aged women hounding them down in public places to enlighten them about their decisions. And trust me, their mothers will handle whatever happens. No one asked you or anyone else to take the responsibility of scrutinizing them. See, what worries me a lot is when public figures like you with considerable influence on viewers morph into moral police. In a country like Pakistan where public vigilantism has exceeded levels of brutality, the last thing the youth needs is a team of moral watchdogs sniffing around for ‘impure’ behavior.”

While there are a number of Khan’s episodes uploaded on her show’s Youtube channel, I have absolutely no desire to watch them after viewing this particular episode.

Because personally, Khan has no credibility as a journalist, given the subject matter of her show’s episode, given how she allowed her team to harass and embarrass unwary people in a park, and given how she approached a couple in the park – coaxing them to talk – on the pretext that her microphone was off and that her cameraman wasn’t filming them. Pretty disgusting. Zero integrity as a journalist, Khan.

Mid-way during the video when the host and her minions sat down on one of the benches to catch their breath, a particular self-righteous hijabi (FYI: no disrespect to hijabis!) launched into a tirade – dripping with virtuousness – about how immoral it was for one of the men at the park to bring his fiancée to the park, and that if the couple really were engaged, then they ought to be meeting at each other’s houses and not in a (gasp) park! Of all places. A park. Yes, hijabi, as if the poor couple was dry humping in broad daylight in Bin Qasim Park. Impious, darling, I feel you. Scarred much?

  1. usman ali shaikh said:

    maya khan ny kuch ghalt nahi kiya

  2. nadeem said:

    maya khan u r great. meri tarf se salam maya khan.

  3. m hussain khan said:

    Maya jee me ap ko salam pesh karta hon ap himmat se kam len himmat na hanry or sabar kren jo log ap ka sabiqa kirdar or khidmat ka qadar nahi karenge jis ki tafseel bhot lambi he wo log smander men raet ki tarah ghayab gum or barbad howjayenge (qiun ke ye Allah ka kalam he ke Allah sabar karne walon ke saat he) ye bat thek he ke ap ka show muje bhi acha nahi laga lekim iska ye matlab nahin ke me ap ke parsnal life men ghos kar ap ko beizat karon *Maya jee men ap ke shohar ko bhi eak mashwara donga keh bhai sab ap bhi is Ghamaz dunya ke baton me aakar kahen us samander ki ret na banjana men eak seda sada khan hon lekin Maya jee ap ka har show dekhkar ye dawa karta hon keh ap ne insaniyat ki jo khidmat ki he uska sila ap ko Allah se or uske Habib ke sadqe 100% zaror milega inshallah -M.Hussain Khan-

  4. she is inocent and she has aplogised on TV show with the all Pakistni Nation so now we should fogive her and wish he best in her life and she should continue he effect to solve problems of needy peoples as she was doeing its before Maya be brave and continue your work i wish you best of luck may God give you a long to live because you hope for needy people. Azhar Amir, Malik, Khanpur, Chakwal

  5. rayan said:

    maya khan you has to come back you are very good girl.

  6. Syed Zaigham said:

    The concept chosen by Maha Khan was absolutely right. Its the very usual phenomenon of society. She used the services of paid actors to convey the message of vigilance to all the parents and its very true that there was no special motive except than that…
    She has been messively criticized by manay anchors, however such socalled anchors forgot their own personal characters.
    According to my philosophy she has been granted strict punishment by this socalled / materialistic society.
    We being the nation needs to balance our emotions and must not intend to make mountain of the mole hill.

  7. umair said:

    she is a bitch

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