Pakistani Drama Queen Veena Malik Signs British Film

Veena Malik, an actor who has never failed to attract media limelight, has revealed that she has signed a British film in which she has a “powerful role”, Times of India reported on Monday.

“I am getting many offers from across the globe. Recently, a UK film team was in Dubai and I was shortlisting a few offers that would suit me. I have zeroed in on a few fashion projects and a film. I can’t reveal more at the moment,” Malik was quoted as saying.

The report said that the filmmakers in India working with Malik are already “crying foul” over her films falling behind schedule, but the actor has promised to honour all her commitments.

The director of Malik’s new film Mumbai 125km, Hemant Madhukar, had reportedly said that Malik has millions of rupees riding on her and she is yet to shoot the climax of his thriller, which is expected to hit screens later this year.

“All my producers and directors are well aware of my schedule and I will not let anyone down. I am the leading lady and I am sure there are crores and crores riding on me,” she told the newspaper.

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  1. All i say is God saves British Film industry.

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