Download Audio Song Of Drama Annie Ki Ayegi Baraat By Geo Tv

It is safe to say that you are primed for the Dhol Walas to turn out and the Bhangra to start? Well you preferable be on account of in the sequel of Azar Ki Ayegi Baraat, Dolly Ki Ayegi baraat & Takkay Ki Ayegi baraat Faisalabadies are nearing one more chance to party about the most obviously expected wedding of the year.

Flavor Four of the Country’s most preferred indicate is ensured to leave you in attacks of roar and simply a small teary eyed as we verify you chuckle, weep loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear with Saima Choudary, Faraz, Nani, Dolly, Sila and the pack! It’s blades at the prepared as Saima Chaudary has a brand new adversary to battle with. Meet Fari D, Saima’s truant sister-in-law from ‘Londannn the UK’, a strong nut to pop whose entry is sending shivers down Saima’s spine and leaving her in frenzy.

As Fari D attempts to take the spotlight far from Saima Choudary with her Britissh stress and ‘Desi English’ Saima battle over with her regular Faisalabadi feistiness and verifies she would be able to meet out an answer or several in whatever ‘Inglish’ she could probably assemble and undertake Fari D in the style stakes. Things compass a head when Fari D’s offspring Bobby D (finish with marked T-shirts and his exhibit of arm ornaments and neckbands) moves into town in pursuit of the ideal ‘voti’; about as Laila moves toward getting engaged to a family partner leaving Vicky in the stagger.

As fortunes could have it, Fari D and Saima both set eyes on, for instance in a part second and promise to make the same young lady their bahu, Sila’s Cousin Annie. As both women rush toward Karachi in an offer to make their offspring ‘impress’ Canadian profit Annie, Rabiya and Nani’s essence is tossed upside down attempting to recovery Annie and her mother Arfa from every last trace of the unwanted consideration ‘Saima, Fari D and offspring’s are hurling their direction. Annie then, less than diverted by every last trace of the consideration, takes up the proposition to be colleague executive on Faraz’s newfangled film.In different growths, Chaudary Saab chooses to stand in the upcoming neighborhood races, leaving Saima panicking at the idea of losing her status as ‘star of the household’ and choosing to initiate movement by standing in the races herself…after all what Chaudary Saab does Saima can just do better!Sila and Azar keep on to change in accordance with hitched existence, while Dolly and Nabeel and Sukhi and Taaka attempt to get to holds with hitched essence and one another simultaneously! Nani is still being wooed to the grip via billionaire Shahid Bhanji and is softening simply a small with every last trace of the blooms, endowments, chocolate truffles and telephone calls impending her direction. While Faraz and Rabiya are wildly attempting to keep peace in a family flooding with the affection-struck and Saima Choudary and Fari D’s fight for a bahu! The inquiry is who will Annie wind up marrying? Vicki who still furtively keeps a candle for Laila or Brit Asian Chav Bobby D who is all situated to astound her with a thick Brit accent.Whatever happens, one thing is beyond any doubt, there’s heaps of diversion, chuckle and dramatization nearing your direction as we party about sentiment, family and ‘all things Shaadi’ in Annie Ki Ayegi Baraat!

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