Rehman Malik Shut Down The Mobile Networks In Selected Cities For Security Reasons

Pakistan Telecommunication Power, on requests of Inside Service, has administered all cellular telephone specialists to remain ready to close down unit fixes in chose parts of nation at the same time as Chand Raat for security explanations.


We have accepted affirmation from unit ensembles that they are asked by controller to square unit aids in emulating four urban communities:





Request declared that aid in four upmentioned urban communities will remain hindered from 8 PM today (i.e. Admirable 19th 2012) till 11 AM tomorrow morning (i.e. Eminent 20th, 2012).

PTA declared it would be able to include more urban communities in bar post, where aid is supposed to remain hindered in the midst of this time.

Cell specialists are conforming to the requests, we have affirmed.


An authorization letter from PTA issued prior today declared that cell telephone administrators ought to remain ready for instantly closing down the unit aids in chose urban communities, incorporating commonplace capitals, from night 19th Regal to morning of Admirable 20th, 2012.

PTA expressed that names of areas/cities will be conveyed to cell administrators later, when and if needed.

Mr. Rehman Malik, Head of Inside Service, has additionally demonstrated that cell telephone systems are probable to remain obstructed in chose parts of nation, in the company of security threats. Notwithstanding, he declared, aid will remain down for not above and beyond few hours just.

Taking after is the letter sent out to all unit specialists:

Dear All.

With a specific end goal, which is to help Law Implementation Offices to upgrade the security scenario and to escape any untoward episode in unexpected parts of the nation incorporating common capitals, versatile utilities will be needed to be shut from nighttime 19th Admirable, 2012 to morning 20th Regal, 2012.

In this way, all portable drivers are asked for to be equipped as the territory names could be imparted at an exceptionally short acknowledge, please..


Muhammad Ali,Deputy Head (Implementation),

Requirement Division, PTA HQ,F-5/1, Islamabad.

It justifies specifying here that phone system remain over limit in the midst of Chaand Raat and could give a feeling that aids are blocked. You are effectively able to confirm the utility status by observing the indicators ready over your telephone. In the event of some unforeseen issue, cell indicator bars will vanish in the event of utility close down.

Fix close down (or spared me the time to state this escapade of Mr. Rehman Malik) is creating vast scale interruption, in particular when its Eid Night and individuals make/receive calls from their friends and family with-in and outside Pakistan. Cell associations are agreeing to the requests, but are reviling the administration for such foolish determination.

It is exhorted to utilize landline telephone utilities for any critical requirements the same time as feasible cell close down

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