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A profoundly moving story of a green lady trapped in a home that is nothing above and beyond a jail, A father who cannot even extra an instant of fondness for his loved ones. A more senior sister, who regards just regarding her self, and is eager to annihilate her sister for the sake of her particular delight. It is a story of the lengths that folks run over to for covetousness, and the tolerance of folks who have confidence in the exceptional that will come to them.

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The story of mera yaqeen, rotates around the complexities of a family. a family that shows up unyielding on the surface, but the breaks disclose a distinctive tale. a spouse compelled to remarry by his particular wife, a lady overridden by desire and doubt, a unique spouse subjected to disdain and remain skeptical about by the exact partner who welcomed her to the family. as the story unfolds, feelings begin to run high and associations once full of fondness and sympathy are put to the test.  Read More

As a green lady, Aarfah ran far from home to inch toward getting hitched to Sajid. At the same time her unique existence is filled with hardships, her mother by marriage hates her from the begin. Sajid, under the sway of his mother, begins to scorn her simultaneously. When Aarfah gave conception to a young lady, Eesha, she is separated and tossed out from the house. In urgency she comes back to her guardian’s home, following some immunity, she is permitted back. However her essence looks like the same destiny as that of a house keeper. Her sibling’s wife Fakhira, scorns her, and does all items she is able to verify that Aarfah feel unwelcome. Fakhira’s girl Rafia and Eesha develop more seasoned as a single unit and end up being partners much to the objection to their mothers. Some years later, Tabraiz lands from England, and both young ladies advance affections towards him. Both mothers, prefer their loved ones to marry Tabraiz, who has emotions for just Eesha. Read More