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Yahan piyar nahi hay is the story of a miserable couple — Saim and Haleema. Saim does not like his wife, Haleema and never loses any opportunity to humiliate her. Another character in the plot is Haleema s cousin, Shumaila. Shumaila lures Saim towards her and away from Haleema. Does Shumailas brother Sabih, mange to save Saim and Haleemas marriage? Read More

Bilqees Kaur’ is the story of Bilquis and Iqbal Bhatti, a Pakistani-origin couple with a conservative lifestyle that has been living in New York for 30 years.To maintain their traditional ways, the couple gets their son and daughter married into Pakistani families.
However, the younger son, Sultan, thinks differently and chooses the bold and confident Soha as his wife.What happens to Bilquis and Iqbal Bhatti’s family after this marriage? what kind of chaos does Soha go through?To find out, watch,

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This is a story about children’s treatment towards their old parents. Sabeeha and Mansoor are a happy go lucky couple who have three grown up children Noman,Usman and Arman. Due to some misunderstanding over children not being brought up properly, an argument starts between the two and in anger Mansoor divorces Sabeeha. Mansoor takes it lightly and goes back to normal but Sabeeha doesn’t. Their 35 years of marriage comes to an end. Sabeeha leaves the house and goes to live with her eldest son. Will her sons support her in her most difficult phase when she is all alone? What will become of Mansoor and Sabeeha? Stay Tuned. Read More

Saga of today’s woman who is confident, compassionate and visionary and on the same end she now refuses to be ignored. nadiya is an emblem of such creed. a well educated, middle class girl who remain engaged to her cousin sameer since her childhood, but suddenly something happens that declares sameer not compatible to her and hence she disowns this engagement, that leads to her insult in the so-called decent society. Read More

Palki revolves around the household of Sheikh Mansoor comprising two families – his own and that of his friend and business partner, Haji Ramzan. When Haji Ramzan and his wife pass away in an accident, Shaikh Mansoor takes up the responsibility of his friend’s three children Barkat, Saif and Zehra. However Barkat’s business policies are too modern for Sheikh Mansoor, and the two families part ways. Meanwhile Sheikh Mansoor’s daughter, Read More