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As we reported earlier, Morning Show Host Nadia Khan to make a jumpback on GEO TV. Today, the news has now been confirmed as Geo TV has officially started the promotions of the show on its network.Just today, an advertisement is appeared on the front page of Jang Newspaper, showing the most popular morning show host of Pakistan, Nadia Khan. The return of Nadia Khan on Geo TV Network would be a treat for millions of her fans worldwide.Check out below one of the advertisement posters which is being used for the promotions of new Nadia Khan Show:

Pakistan traces its history back to 2,500 years B.C., when a highly developed civilization flourished in the Indus Valley. Excavations at Harrappa, Moenjodaro, Kot Diji and Mehr Garh have brought to light, the evidence of an advanced civilization existing even in more ancient times. Around 1,500 B.C., the Aryans overwhelmed this region and influenced the Hindu civilization, whose centre moved to Ganges valley, further east. Later, the Persians occupied the northern region in the 5th century B.C. up to the 2nd century AD. The Greeks came in 327 B.C., under Alexander of Macedonia, and passed away like a meteor. In 712 AD, the Arabs, led by Muhammad Bin Qasim, landed somewhere near modern Karachi and ruled the lower half of Pakistan for 200 years. During this time, Islam took roots in the soil and influenced the life, culture and traditions of the people. Read More

As announced earlier, eligible voters can now verify the status of their votes in the new computerized voter lists prepared by Election Commission of Pakistan by just sending an SMS via their mobile phones.Service has been up an running for all operators, throughout the country. Read More