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Under cool, gray skies billions watched from outside Westminster Abbey and on television worldwide as 1900 invited guests inside witnessed as Prince William and his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton were married in one of the largest events in London in decades. A little over an hour after they arrived at the Abbey to be married, the couple emerged on a red carpet and onto the streets to a peal of bells and into a horse-drawn carriage, heading toward Buckingham Palace. The prince had married what the British call a commoner; now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (titles granted by Queen Elizabeth II). The couple stepped out onto a balcony a short time later to greet the enormous crowd along the Mall – a tradition at royal weddings. They kissed for the first time in public as a married couple as a cheer went up from the crowd. Read More

Stoge’neas latest summer cnollectio captures the attitude of today’s generation with its fresh and sleek designs.  With a wide range of new designs and prints to choose from, Stoneage brings its signature classic denim,

  casual t-shirts as well as semi-formal shirts and tops for your wardrobe this summer.

Additionally, Stoneage will complete your fashion statement with flashy accessories ranging from hats, sunglasses to the latest footwear for both genders.

Stoneage is a brand identified by its progressive, cutting edge borderline funk that has been inspired by the growing need for an urban youth trend movement. Their designs have an edgy creativity while focusing on modern lines and sleek fits.   Read More

DHA Cinema, Lahore

DHA Cinema is one of the most modern Cinema Theaters in Lahore,Attracting thousands of proud Lahori’s to the Cinema Halls it has played both International and Local Movies to revive the concept of going to the movies as a popular pass time. It is Located at 305-R, DHA, Lahore, Pakistan. Read More

Ecstatic than the life itself, exuberant Collection of Pareesa Lawn is frilling around the oomph for the Fashionista. Pareesa Lawn is made from Supima, the world’s finest cotton. Supima is the latest and most luxurious high-grade cotton grown only in the USA.

Supremely soft and low wrinkle, Supima fabrics are woven from extra long and strong cotton fibers.

 In Chen One Pareesa Lawn some Things are common that Chen one Focus on Innovating some thing new like Focus on Neck Design ( Galah Design) of Kameez, Short Body Fitted, Full Slave Kameez, Gown Style Kameez, Color Combinations and Newest Designs of Shalwar.

Chen One is phenomenally a Lifestyle Fashion Store. This Ground breeching fashion retail chain has been noshing upon its originality of “Changing Lifestyles” since last many years with its national as well as international eminence. Chen One does not merely sell, but the brand believes in offering an enticed experience of preeminence and luxury. Chen One indubitably verifies itself as an iconize fashion indulgence for its prestigious customers; with all its repose, feeding to the cultism of Lifestyle Fashion inspirations. Read More